DAP: An Accessibility Labeling System (BETA)

The Document Accessibility Profile (DAP) is designed to help students with print disabilities determine how accessible an etextbook is before they buy it. The DAP label shows essential accessibility criteria as provided by the publisher. The goal of the DAP system is to make accessibility information as easy to find and use as the Nutrition Facts labels on a cereal box.

A DAP label is divided into four parts:

Thumbnail image of a DAP label
  1. General information that identifies a product.
  2. Information about the form of the product.
  3. Information about content, such as images, math, or musical notation.
  4. Information about structure, such as reading order and navigation.

We have created samples to show how the label system will work. The link to the label could be provided on the publishers website and/or displayed by distributors such as Amazon. We have also provided a glossary to explain terms used in the DAP label.

Sample Labels

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Equation Invasion
Coursepack for The History of Everything


You can also download the DAP Schema (pdf).