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    Title: Coursepack for The History of Everything

    Edition: Revised

    Author: Professor Smith

    Copyright: 2012

    Publisher: University of Delaware

    Distributor: Campus bookstore


    Contact Name: Bob Martinengo

    Contact Email:


    Format Type: Digital File

    Format: PDF

    Audio: None

    Video: Captioned

    Forms: Fields are not tagged

    Text-to-speech: Enabled

    Security: No security

    Compatibility: Tested with JAWS 12


    Images: Fully described

    Tables: Tagged

    Charts: Described

    Math: Equations are images only

    Chemistry: Written out in text

    Music: None

    Language: Does not contain foreign language content

    Code: Written out in text


    Contains a Table of Contents that is linked to navigation

    Contains an index that is linked to instances of terms in the document

    Contains headings that are linked to navigation

    Contains tags to support navigation and a logical reading order

    Contains bookmarks that can be used for navigation

    Contains page numbers corresponding to a print edition of the text

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