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STEPP: The Student E-rent Pilot Project

AMAC, in partnership with CourseSmart and the AccessText Network (ATN), has an innovative, eTextbook rental program entitled STEPP: STudent E-rent Pilot Project. The program is unique in that its textbook offerings are modified for accessibility to comply with Section 504 requirements under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For the first time, students with disabilities will enjoy the benefits of significant cost savings inherent in a textbook rental program, as STEPP provides universally accessible eTextbook files for best-selling textbook titles.


  1. To save students an average of 50% off the retail cost for purchasing textbooks;
  2. To provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in textbook rental programs and experience cost savings;
  3. To develop and demonstrate a viable business model for rendering eTextbooks for rent, which are universally accessible to all;
  4. To create awareness of the availability of universally accessible eTextbooks for rent;
  5. To increase knowledge and awareness of the need for and the profitability of providing universally accessible eTextbooks, amongst all players in the marketplace.


Advisory Panel

Meeting Info

Travel Info

Note: The actual travel expense form is an Excel spreadsheet. Panel members will be emailed a copy of the form.


Panel Members

Name Association
Tom Hadfield General Manager Product Platforms, Teachscape
Angela Hernandez Student, Clayton State University
Richard Hershman Director of Government Relations, National Association of College Stores
Fred Kleiner Author/Professor, Boston University; Secretary, Text and Academic Authors Association
Patrice Morin-Spatz Author/President of MedBooks, Inc.
Steve Noble Chair, National Technology Task Force - Learning Disabilities Association of America
Jade Roth Vice President - Books and Digital Strategy, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers
Michael Solomon Author/Professor of Marketing, Saint Joseph's University
Michael Southern Program Director - Disability Services Office, University of Cincinnati
Michael Spiegler Professor/Author, Department of Psychology, Providence College; Executive Council Member, Text and Academic Authors Association
Todd Summer Director, Campus Stores Division, San Diego State University
Isaiah Wilcox Georgia Association of Blind Students, Morehouse College
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